Going to court can be costly, painful and destructive and the legal outcome seldom brings justice.

Keep it Civil mediators are highly skilled communicators who bring opposing parties together, in an informal environment.

The parties reach their own workable solution and the mediator draws up a legally binding agreement. This is significantly fairer, more practical for the future and less costly financially and emotionally. Sometimes disputes require a simple apology or acknowledgement and unlike the courts, mediation allows each party the opportunity to be heard, to discuss what is important to them and not just from the legal aspect of the dispute.

Mediation is private and confidential. Not only does it avoid unwelcome publicity, the private sessions allow the parties to talk freely and without prejudice. The mediator remains impartial and confidential. Anything discussed cannot be later used as evidence in court and the mediator does not disclose any facts that the party considers confidential.

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